The Story of The Travelling Nut

The palm Tree has found an amazing way to survive and reproduce

itself; as it fruit, the coconut is built to travel.

Taken by the currents of the sea, it will travel the world and wherever

faith takes it, a new palm tree can grow and life begins.

Not just a new life for the palm tree but also opportunities for us as a human species.

We can build houses from the trunks and leafs, makerope out of the bark to weave clothes, or catch fish and of course eat and drink the fruit.

The beauty in all of this; nature has arranged everything for us, it has a system, where when in balance, absolute symbiosis can occur.

The only thing we need to give back in exchange

for being blissfully rewarded with an amazing variety of delicious fruits and vegetable, is

to spread those same nuts and seeds, so here legacy carries on.

And that 
sounds like a 

good deal to us!

Like the coconut 
we love to travel 
and discover

new places 
and flavours.

So whenever we 
fell in love 
with a new flavour,

we went on a quest  
to find 
the best way 
to enjoy its taste 

Most of the 
fruits we love

don't grow here,

were we live 
in Amsterdam,

so we searched 
far and wide

for alternatives

in order 
to share these

amazing flavours 
with our friends.

We thankfully 
a small group

of like-minded 

enterprises that 
either produce

or import 
amazing products. 

These beverages 
are free of additives

with smart sustainable 
package designs

allowing for 
longevity that

no preservatives 
to hold 
their taste 
and nutrients inside.

We formed a small hand picked selection of drinks that we love and want to share with you, produced under socially and ecologically compatible conditions, preserving a balance that allows us to live in harmony with nature.

Join us on our adventure in discovering this world of amazing flavours!

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